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Here is brief profile of Indian Chess Federation

All India Chess Federation

The All India Chess Federation (AICF) is the central administrative body for the game of chess in India. Founded in 1951, AICF plays the most important role for governing chess in India. Apart from being the national body, it also governs most of the other chess associations in India. Headquartered in Bombay, the administrative body is affiliated to the World Body for Chess, the 'Federation Internationale des Echecs' (FIDE). The federation has now under its fold more than 30 affiliated state associations, 16 special members and 23 recognized academies as its constituents.

Ever since its inception, All India Chess Federation has played an active role in identifying new talents and ensuring quality competition in the domestic level. In the present times, the state Chess associations are working in association with the AICF, to realize the same objective as well as improving the standard of chess in India. The federation deserves accolades for their zealous efforts to promote the game in India. It was this zeal and energetic organizing that has paid India rich dividends. Today, AICF has successfully made a name for itself for producing precocious chess prodigies.

The All India Chess Federation has not only organized events at the national level, but also patronized various regional events, which are primarily organized by the state Chess associations. It not only manages the Men's Chess in India, but is also in charge of managing Women's Chess in India. The first ever Women's Senior National Chess Championship was held in the year 1974. Some of the most eminent women chess players the championship produced are Vasanthie Khadilkar, Jayshree Khadilkar, Rohini Khadilkar, Bhagyashree Thipsay, Anupama Gokhale, Koneru Humpy, and so on.

Besides the thriving national circuit, AICF has also played host to a number of major world events in India, such as the World Junior Championships, the Commonwealth Championships and Asian Team Championships. The journey of All India Chess Federation till date has been a successful one both in terms of promoting and managing the game of chess in India. The organization has produced gems of Indian Chess, such as Vishwanathan Anand, Manuel Aaron, Dibyendu Barua and Parimarjan Negi, a few among others, who have effectively made a mark in the world forum.

AICF's Affiliated Associations