Read about time-outs as punishments, time out as corrective action for kids and tips for punishing child.

Time-Outs As Punishments

Does your kid show inappropriate behavior? If yes, then you would realize that it is so difficult to make kids behave properly, especially when they are between 18-24 months of age. Most parents spank their child or face power-struggles with the kid. However, as parents, you should realize it is not punishment that the kid requires. Instead, opt for time-out. An effective discipline technique, time-outs give the child a clue of what he is expected to do and teaches him/her a difference between what is right and what is wrong, in a subtle way.

You can prepare a time-out chair in your home. Each time your kid misbehaves such as he/she throws tantrums, acts violently, or runs out on roads alone, you should make him understand that such a behavior is not permitted. If the kid persistently displays such behavior, make him/her sit on the time-out chair. Make sure that the time-out place you have chosen is isolated and leaves the child with little or no scope of interaction. The time allotted is a minute per year of age. With the tips given below, make time out an effective way to correct the child, without traumatizing him/her.

Tips To Make Time-Out Effective