Know about fear of strangers in babies, stranger anxiety in infants and handling stranger anxiety in a baby.

Fear of Strangers

A baby�s temperament is reflected right from the way he or she reacts as an infant. Around 4 months of age, babies start trying to read people�s faces and behavior closely and try to differentiate between people who can be trusted and who cannot be trusted. Some babies are more extroverted and friendly than others and readily go to strangers and play with them while others may get anxious and afraid, when they see strangers.

Stranger and separation anxiety is a part of baby�s developmental phase and is even normal, healthy and protective in a way. The ability to crawl and walk, give children the freedom to wander away from caregivers to unknown persons and places that may not be safe. In part, anxiety keeps the baby close to you. However, here are some tips to make your child learn not to be too shy and learn to be friends with strangers too:
Babies who trust and feel secure only in the arms of their parents and close caregivers may outgrow from her stranger anxiety in time, with a little soothing and reassuring expressions from you. You need not worry that close attachment to you or caution around strangers is unhealthy and pose a hurdle to her independence. It just means that she loves and trusts you more.