Here are behavior correction tips for kids, behavior therapy for children and strategies for teaching good behavior to your child.

Behavior Correction Tips

The argument on the validity of the statement of �Spare the rod and spoil the child� has been going on for ages. Many parents think that physical punishment, such as spanking, sometimes becomes unavoidable and a �must� to stop undesirable behavior in a child. Experts say that physical punishments can make your child stop a certain behavior but do not teach him to correct or change it. Our goal while disciplining children should be to teach them to choose good behaviors and avoid bad behavior of their own free will. Physical punishment can turn into child abuse, becomes less effective with time and may make the child too aggressive or timid. Here are some strategies that you can use for behavior correction in children:
These little tips will help your child to learn skills for a lifetime and they will soon learn that they can reap rewards by good behavior but bad behavior will make them undesirable and lonely.