Here is a brief profile of JM mutual fund

JM Mutual Fund

One of India's first private sector mutual funds, JM mutual fund was launched by the one of the best-known domestic brokerages, JM Financial, owned by the Kampani family. The Nilesh Kampani-led JM Group played a pivotal role in the development of India's nascent capital markets in the 1950s.

JM mutual fund is not a part of JM Morgan Stanley, JM Financial's joint venture with Morgan Stanley for investment banking and other financial services. The fund is sponsored by JM Financial and Investment Consultancy Services Private Limited and JM Financial Limited.

The AMC of the fund is JM Financial Asset Management Private Limited. The AMC started operations in December 1994 with a simultaneous launch of three funds-JM Liquid Fund (now JM Income Fund), JM Equity Fund and JM balanced Fund. The company is headed by Vijay Kelkar, former finance secretary and advisor to the government of India, as chairman of the board.

As of Aug 2006, the fund has assets of over Rs.4,241 crore under management.

Here is a list of mutual funds of JM which includes Debt Funds, Gilt Fund, Equity Funds, MIP and Balanced Funds.