Here is a brief profile of HSBC Mutual Fund

HSBC Mutual Fund

HSBC is one of the world's leading banking giants and boasts of a 140-year history in banking services. HSBC operates in more than 70 countries across the globe and has assets of over $1.2 trillion on the consolidated group balance sheet. The investment banking and fund management businesses of the group is handled by HSBC Investments.

HSBC Asset Management India Private Limited acts as the Asset Management Company to the HSBC Mutual Fund. HSBC Securities and Capital Markets India Private Limited, an affiliate of the HSBC group, is the sponsor of the fund and owns 75 percent stake in the AMC.

The AMC is headed by its chairman Niall S Booker, who is also the head of HSBC Bank in India. The operations of the AMC are headed by Sanjay Prakash, director and CEO. As of Aug 2006, the fund has assets of over Rs.10,684 crore under management.

Here is a list of mutual funds of HSBC which includes Equity Fund, Debt Fund and Liquid Fund.