Here is a brief profile of ING Vysya mutual fund

ING Vysya Mutual Fund

ING Vysya mutual fund benefits from the vast international experience and professional expertise of its promoters the ING Group, Dutch insurance and banking giant. ING, one of the largest financial services groups globally, took over the former Vysya Bank in India to form ING Vysya Bank.

ING Investment Management (India) Private Limited is the AMC for the mutual fund with the sponsor of the fund holding a majority stake in the company. ING Vysya mutual fund strives to provide investors with the most practical and secure investment opportunities to invest their valuable savings.

The operations of the AMC are headed by Kavita Hurry, CEO and managing director. As of Aug 2006, the fund has assets of over Rs.4,898 crore under management.

Here is a list of mutual funds of ING Vysya which includes Debt Schemes, Equity Schemes and Hybrid Schemes.

Latest NAV
Scheme Name NAV (Net Asset Value) Date
ING Short Term Income Fund-Growth Option 21.4851 10-Jan-2013
ING Short Term Income Fund -Dividend Option 12.8204 10-Jan-2013
ING Select Debt Fund-Annual Dividend Option 10.1940 24-Jul-2008
ING Select Debt Fund-Bonus Option 11.4892 24-Jul-2008
ING Select Debt Fund-Growth Option 11.4892 24-Jul-2008
ING Select Debt Fund-Half Yearly Dividend Option 10.2407 24-Jul-2008
ING Select Debt Fund-Quarterly Dividend Option 10.1576 24-Jul-2008
ING Dividend Yield Fund-Bonus Option 13.8000 12-Jun-2009
ING Dividend Yield Fund-Dividend Option 16.1700 10-Jan-2013
ING Dividend Yield Fund-Growth Option 26.0800 10-Jan-2013
ING Domestic Opportunities Fund-Bonus Option 29.0100 12-Jun-2009
ING Domestic Opportunities Fund-Dividend Option 11.3300 23-Dec-2011
ING Domestic Opportunities Fund-Growth Option 30.0000 23-Dec-2011
ING L.I.O.N. (Large cap, Intermediate cap, Opportunities, New offerings) Fund-Bonus Option 14.4500 23-May-2008
ING L.I.O.N. (Large cap, Intermediate cap, Opportunities, New offerings)Fund-Dividend Option 9.7000 23-May-2008
ING L.I.O.N. (Large cap, Intermediate cap, Opportunities, New offerings)Fund-Growth Option 14.4500 23-May-2008
ING Midcap Fund-Bonus Option 15.1000 12-Jun-2009
ING Midcap Fund-Dividend Option 15.2400 10-Jan-2013
ING Midcap Fund-Growth Option 24.6000 10-Jan-2013
ING Nifty Plus Fund-Bonus Option 22.8300 12-Jun-2009
ING Large Cap Equity Fund-Dividend Option 20.8600 10-Jan-2013
ING Large Cap Equity Fund-Growth Option 31.2900 10-Jan-2013
ING Core Equity Fund-Dividend Option 17.3000 10-Jan-2013
ING Core Equity Fund-Growth Option 43.4000 10-Jan-2013
ING Balanced Fund-Dividend Option 19.1900 10-Jan-2013
ING Balanced Fund-Growth Option 27.4400 10-Jan-2013
ING Gilt Fund-Dividend Option 15.6350 18-Sep-2009
ING Gilt Fund-Growth Option 15.6353 18-Sep-2009
ING Tax Savings Fund-Bonus Option 30.8300 10-Jan-2013
ING Tax Savings Fund-Dividend Option 15.1900 10-Jan-2013
ING Tax Savings Fund-Growth Option 30.7900 10-Jan-2013