Here is a brief profile of Benchmark mutual fund

Benchmark Mutual Fund

Benchmark mutual fund specializes in exchange traded funds (ETF). Benchmark Asset Management Company Private Limited is the investment manager to the mutual fund.

Benchmark Mutual Fund offers low cost innovative products which can bring good returns at acceptable levels of risk. Quantitative techniques of investing are employed for finding appropriate places for parking the funds. The techniques used involve gathering large amounts of financial information, analyzing and transforming it to set a model of investing. With these quantitative techniques, best can be hoped out of investment.

Benchmark Mutual Products
Nifty BeES, Junior BeES and Liquid BeES are three important products of Benchmark Mutual Fund. Nifty BeES, the first ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) in India, and Junior BeES, provide returns on investment which match up to the total return on securities. Liquid BeES, the first Liquid ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) in the world, is listed and traded as a share.

Here is a list of mutual funds of Benchmark.