Here is a brief profile of Fidelity mutual fund

Fidelity Mutual Fund

Fidelity International Limited, world's largest fund manager with assets of over $1.2 trillion under management, flagged off its India operations in April, 2006. Despite the late entry into the Indian mutual fund industry, Fidelity is expected to change the contours of Indian mutual fund industry with its vast expertise in managing funds.

Over the years, Fidelity's bottom-up investment approach, innovative spirit and research backbone of over 480 analysts worldwide has placed it at the helm of the investments world. Fidelity is the best known brand in the fund management business and its flagship fund Magellan is probably the best known fund among American investors.

The sponsor of the Fidelity mutual fund is Fidelity International Investment Advisors. The AMC of the fund is Fidelity Fund Management Private Limited. Fidelity International Investment Advisors holds 75 per cent stake in the AMC.

Here is a list of mutual funds of Fidelity.

Latest NAV
Scheme Name NAV (Net Asset Value) Date
Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund-Dividend Option 17.604 21-Nov-2012
Fidelity Tax Advantage Fund-Growth Option 22.486 21-Nov-2012