Here is a brief profile of Baroda Pioneer mutual fund.

Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund

Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund is presently under the management of Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited (its AMC). The AMC was set up in the year 1995, as wholly owned subsidiary of Bank of Baroda. The main aim behind the establishment of the company was to manage the assets of Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund. On 5th October 2007, Bank of Baroda became party to an agreement with Pioneer Investments (Pioneer Global Asset Management SpA), a global asset manager

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, and after gaining the requisite regulatory approvals, Pioneer Investments took over 51% stake in Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company. With this, the mutual fund came to be known as Baroda Pioneer Mutual Fund and the asset management company was renamed as Baroda Pioneer Asset Management Company Limited.