Here is a brief profile of Escorts mutual fund

Escorts Mutual Fund

Escorts Mutual Fund is promoted by the business conglomerate Escorts group. Escorts Asset Management Limited acts as the AMC to the mutual fund. Escorts Mutual Fund usually offers open ended schemes and the fund category is Equity- balanced fund. The fund is a member of the Escort Group of Companies, which deals with a number of high growth industries like construction and material handling equipment, farm machinery, two wheelers, auto ancillary products and financial Services.

Balanced Fund, Growth Plan and Floating Rate Fund are some popular open ended plans of Escorts Mutual Fund. Balanced Fund aims to generate long term capital appreciation and current income from a well diversified portfolio of equity shares and fixed income securities. Floats Rates objective is to make regular income through investment in a portfolio comprising substantially of Floating Rate Debt Securities. Growth Plan generates capital appreciation by investing mainly in a well diversified portfolio of equity shares with growth potential.

Here is a list of mutual funds of Escorts.

Latest NAV
Scheme Name NAV (Net Asset Value) Date
Escorts Income Bond-Dividend 32.0345 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Income Bond-Growth 34.1475 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Income Plan-Bonus 20.0206 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Income Plan-Dividend 11.6984 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Income Plan-Growth 38.018 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Growth Plan-DIVIDEND OPTION 11.4187 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Growth Plan-GROWTH OPTION 73.7186 10-Jan-2013
Escorts High Yield Equity Plan - Bonus Option 14.5729 10-Jan-2013
Escorts High Yield Equity Plan - Dividend Option 11.217 10-Jan-2013
Escorts High Yield Equity Plan - Growth Option 14.5263 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Opportunities Fund-Dividend 10.8597 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Opportunities Fund-Growth 30.6784 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Balanced Fund-Dividend Option 11.8027 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Balanced Fund-Growth Option 62.9459 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Liquid Plan-Daily Dividend Option 13.731 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Liquid Plan-Growth Option 17.7424 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Liquid Plan-Monthly Dividend Option 15.0682 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Liquid Plan-Weekly Dividend Option 13.3659 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Gilt Plan-DIVIDEND OPTION 22.3935 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Gilt Plan-GROWTH OPTION 24.4472 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Tax Plan-Dividend 8.397 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Tax Plan-Growth 39.0541 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Short Term Debt Fund-Dividend Option 14.6687 10-Jan-2013
Escorts Short Term Debt Fund-Growth Option 17.3614 10-Jan-2013