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A comprehensive month-by-month free horoscope and forecast related to business, finance, career and love for Virgo in 2015.

Virgo Horoscope 2015

Virgos are kind and helpful by nature, and the year 2015 will bring out the best in your compassionate nature. You will find yourself thinking more about the problems of others and try to help them the best you can. But you need to be careful so that you don�t get too lost in the troubles of others that you lose track of your own life. This year will be a time of big changes, both in your professional and personal life. You are a creative person and the planetary positions will lend a boost to your creativity. Virgos will find themselves gravitating more towards solitude and introspection during the first half of the year. This will energize you and prepare for the excitement that the later part of the year will bring.

Romance: This would be a good year for singles to get engaged. If you are already married, you might travel together as a couple during this year. Even though the planetary positions are favourable, you should never underestimate the power of proper communication.

Career: The year will be lucky one for you on the professional front. If you are looking for a job change, or a chance to open your own new business, then this year will be perfect for that. The year 2015 will provide you ample opportunities for career growth and development.

January will revitalize and energize the Virgos who will feel more confident and courageous. You will experience a sharp increase in your reasoning skills and will be better equipped to take important decisions. Charts indicate increased expenditure, but don�t worry as your income will also increase correspondingly. This might not be a good time on the family front as you will argue with your spouse and siblings. Travel is also likely in January.

February will be an expensive month for you as unexpected expenses will spring up from several corners. Business losses also loom in the horizon and thus you are advised to be extremely careful about your financial dealings. Charts indicate unwanted travelling that will add to your expenditure. Time is not favorable for embarking on any new venture. Family problems are also likely to occur and you may face issues related to your children.

This month will bring some respite from the financial troubles of the past months. You will receive some unexpected money which will be of considerable help to you. You will be respected in the society. Your relations with your spouse may suffer due to your temper, thus you are advised to try to control your anger and your words. On the whole, this month will be lucky for you.

April This will be a good month for you as there will be an increase in your monetary wealth. You will also make good use of your education and in case you are a student, then you will excel in your studies. You will feel confident and will be able to take appropriate decisions in life. The charts indicate chances of family problems, so you need to be careful about that. Try maintaining good relations with your spouse, siblings and children.

Luck will favor you this month and you will achieve success with your intelligence and hard work. Your opponents will make efforts to harm you so you are advised not to trust anyone blindly. It will be better if you start saving money for your future. Take care of your health and exert caution while driving as the charts indicate a higher risk for accidents in may.

There will be a marked increase in your level of courage and you will feel very confident of yourself. But you are advised not to let your confidence get to your head. Being over confident at this time will not help you. Expenses may increase this month. Problems in the office are predicted by the charts and you may develop differences of opinion with your seniors at work.

This would be a confusing time for you. Charts indicate that the relationship with your father may either improve or worsen. Also his health would be a matter of concern to you and you will spend on his medical expenses. July will be a difficult month on the marriage front as the planetary positions indicate some problems with your spouse. There is a chance that you might be required to embark on an unnecessary journey.

August will be a challenging time for you as you will be faced with too many unexpected expenses. Thus it will be better for you if you are forewarned and prepared to meet the expenditure. Your intuitive power will increase but you would have to rely more on your hard work than luck. Marital problems will continue and you are advised to resolve all your conflicts with your spouse in a patient way.

This month will be a good time for self-improvement and growth. You will feel a marked improvement in your logical abilities, confidence and courage and put these qualities to the best application. After suffering from financial tensions from the past few months, you will get some respite in September as you will earn money from more than one source. This is not a good time for love birds as a break-up looks likely.

This will be a challenging time for those involved in their own business. Your earnings may go down and expenses may increase. Thus you are advised to take necessary precautions to meet your financial needs. You may also suffer from some disease which will give you increased tension. Unfortunately luck will not favor you this month. Marital problems will increase and there might be issues with other family members as well. Maintain a calm and disciplined outlook in life.

Your astrological charts for the month of November predict problems in your professional life. If you run your own business, do not try to venture into newer avenues at this time. Issue with your business partners may arise which you should sort out peacefully. Try to avoid travelling if possible as the time is not favourable. Don�t rely on luck to help you, instead solve your problems with your own abilities.

In December your luck will take a turn for the better. Financially your situation will improve. But you will find yourself in a tense mood and this might lead you to fight with your loved ones and business partners. You are advised to keep your temper under control to avoid problems. Negative thoughts may invade your mind and you might feel restless. Trust in God and face life bravely!