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The personality traits of a Virgo child/baby have been mentioned here. Read on to explore characteristics profile of Virgo children.

Virgo Child

A child born in September is usually more quiet, calm and peaceful than the other children. At the same time, he is also quite attentive, observant, quick and swift. A Virgo child will be very fussy about food and it is better if you do not try to feed him something he doesn't like. Otherwise, the food will end up on the floor, on the table, in the plate and everywhere, except his stomach. Apart from this, he will be a very pleasant child, who throws the minimum of tantrums. Cleanliness and neatness are the basic personality traits of a Virgo baby.

You will not have to run after him to get his room cleaned, it will always be spick and span. He will not be too comfortable in front of strangers or a large crowd, but you will seldom find him sitting quietly in front of friends and family. It will be very easy to discipline him and he will be one of those who always do their homework on time. The best way to do that is to ask him gently, because criticism will get you nowhere with Virgo children. Infact, they will tend to think too much about their mistakes in such cases and may end up getting ill.

You can give them the smallest of chores and they will carry them out perfectly. A Virgo child is dependable, sincere, adaptable, responsible as well as friendly. Usually he has a very pleasant temperament, unless teased or criticized too much. Then, he may become too cranky for his own good. His characteristics profile includes qualities like honesty and alertness. You will have to teach him how to restrain himself when the teacher passes a wrong statement. Virgos find it extremely different it to accept any fact that has no proof of its validity.

Your Virgo child will also question the facts written in the books and demand an explanation. He will always have a need of learning more; having less knowledge than others doesn't go well with him. Accepting close a friendship doesn't come easily to a Virgo and if he is teased about it, he will most probably become too conscious to go ahead with it. It's better to be conspicuous even when you get to know about this. In addition to emotional love, he will need physical comforting also.

He may never show this, but he does need your hugs and kisses. Since a Virgo child tends to be quite shy, modest and humble, he will need the constant reassurance that he is as attractive as the most outgoing children. He likes orderliness and it is better if you do not disturb the way he has kept the things in his cupboard. He is also very fussy about time and you never find him running late for school. With a Virgo, everything has to be perfect. If it is not so, be ready to hear his criticism.

Nobody can escape his critical eyes and that includes him also. He will always handle his responsibilities well, spend money cautiously and be helpful around the house. A Virgo child usually matures early and will show wisdom far beyond his years. You can spoil him, without the danger of making him too pampered. Encourage him to indulge in his fantasies and imagination; it will help him in attaining that perfect emotional balance. He may demand too much perfection from you, but then, he will always be there when you need him!