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The personality traits of a Sagittarius child/baby have been mentioned here. Read on to explore characteristics profile of Sagittarian children.

Sagittarius Child

A Sagittarius child will be very friendly from a very tender age itself. You will see him waving at people enthusiastically, wishing that they would love him for what he is. His small little heart will break from disappointment if someone doesn't wave back. He will be like a small clown, who is jovial, pleasant and mischievous. A Sagittarius baby will never like being alone, even when he has to sleep. He will be the most comfortable amongst people who are talking, laughing and playing around. Infact, he loves to be around cheerful people.

If he is not given this kind of environment while growing up, he may turn a little cynical towards life. Most of the Sagittarian children start drawing away from family ties, as they grow older. Formality is something they cannot understand and honesty is something they will never lack in. Speaking plain, harsh truth is one of the basic personality traits of a Sagittarius child. You will have to remind him to tone down the brutality of the truth a bit. He has a very inquisitive mind and your every order must be backed by a sound, reasonable logic.

If you cannot do that, forget teaching him anything. Even if you try to do that, you get back defiance in the process. Never ever say a lie in front of your Sagittarius baby or you will make a dent in the respect he has for you. If you are right, stand your ground and give him a reason for it. If you are wrong, accept it rather than telling a lie. He can easily know that you are not telling the truth. One thing you will find in excess in the characteristics profile of Sagittarian children is curiosity. The word 'Why?' will be there in almost all the sentences.

They wake up with a question in their mind and sleep with a query on their list. Shouting won't help; it is better to give them truthful, sometimes a little distorted, answers. A Sagittarian child will not do something just because that is the social norm. You will have to convince him with sound logic. If something is not helping him or adding to his welfare, you can be sure that he will never do it.

In his childhood, always be prepared with medicines, antiseptics and band-aids. He is prone to accidents and you will need them every now and then. He needs his freedom and may go away from home earlier than the other kids. So, it's better to be prepared for the scenario. If you scold him on his ways, he may not come home even on weekends. However, if you try to understand his ways and show a little patience, he will return every other day, even bring his friends along and spend lots of time with you.

Romantic expeditions usually start early in case of Sagittarians and you may need to introduce them to the world of opposite sex much before other children. They are not too good with finances and you will have to teach them its importance the hard way. Don't fill their pockets when they spend the entire week's pocket money in a single day. Slowly, they will learn. A Sagittarian child is usually restless and you will have to keep him constantly involved in one thing or the other. Dull things will make him sad and disinterested.

Religion will interest him and he may become deeply involved in it. He will also be interested in roaming around the world and putting his idealism to work. A Sagittarian has to have a cause, without which he may become a lost puppy. He believes in the stars and their miraculous powers. He will never become too dependent on you, nor will he be totally detached. Let him see his dreams, run on the wet grass and wink at the girl next door. Just wave at him when he looks at you enthusiastically from far, he will surely come back to you again!