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Read on to know about Indian performance in David Cup tennis tournament

India in Davis Cup

Davis Cup is one of the prestigious international competitions of men's tennis. The Davis Cup is played in a knock-out format, between teams of players from competing countries. Commenced in the 1900s, the players of the United States and Great Britain initially dominated the Davis Cup. So far, the United States has emerged as the most successful country in the history of Davis Cup, followed by Australia and Great Britain and British Isles. The European countries of France, Sweden and Germany and Italy have managed to score few wins, while countries including Argentina, India, Romania, Belgium, Japan, Mexico, Chile, Switzerland and Slovakia have not registered any win at the Davis Cup, up till now.

Although Indian tennis players have not brought the much coveted Davis Cup to their homeland, they have been putting up a commendable performance in the competitions of the Cup. Despite the lack of higher-ranked players in its roster, Indian flag has been flying high in Davis Cup tournament, thanks to some inspiring displays driven by the national pride. In its debut appearance, India caused a sensation by steamrolling the mighty French en route, to the semi final. Since then, India has been able to hold her own against more fancied nations, riding on flashes of individual brilliance. In this article, we have discussed about India's performance in Davis Cup, so far.

Indian Performance in Davis Cup Competition