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Read on to know about Deodhar Trophy, Indian cricket tournament

Deodhar Trophy

Cricket is like a craze in India. There is a pool of extraordinary cricketing talent in the country. You can observe this talent in umpteen tournaments held at the district and state level every year. The domestic level cricket of the country is full of plethora of talents. The trophies like Ranji, Duleep and Irani are able to nourish the players at a primary level before stepping into the international arena of cricket. Apart from this, BCCI organizes several other tournaments and series to keep the domestic cricket of India alive and active. One such tournament is the Deodhar trophy. Read on to explore more about this domestic cricket tournament in the country.

Launched in 1973-74 season, the Deodhar Trophy is the one-day equivalent of the Ranji Trophy in India's domestic cricket. The Deodhar Trophy, named after the grand old man of Indian Cricket - the Late Prof. D. B. Deodhar, is a played on league basis among the 5 zonal teams - North, South, East, West and Central Zone. The first Deodhar trophy match played between South Zone and East Zone was the first recorded one-day match in the country, where South Zone emerged victorious by 6 wickets.

Pattern of Play
In Deodhar Trophy tournament, there are no round robin stage/finals and the team that tops the point table is declared the winner. In this tournament the overall performance in the tournaments is rated to declare the winner. Here the policy is of consistent performance in order to give the trophy to the most deserving team not to the one game wonder. The North Zone has won the competition a whopping 11 times.

Point Table
The performance in the game is rated entirely on the point basis. The team gets point in accordance with the points marked against scenario like four points on outright win and two points on no results. There is also a concept of bonus point and bonus conceded in the game. The sum of all the points gathered is the sole decider of the team�s ranking in the game. The team with the maximum point is said to be the winner of the tournament.

Scenario Points
Win Outright 4
Lost Outright 2
No Result 2
Bonus Point 1
Bonus conceded -1
Deodhar Trophy Statistics
Year Winning Zone
2008-09 Central Zone
2007-08 Central Zone
2006-07 West Zone
2005-06 North Zone
2004-05 North Zone
2003-04 East Zone
2002-03 North Zone
2001-02 South Zone
2000-01 South Zone / Central Zone (Joint)
1999-00 North Zone
1998-99 Central Zone
1997-98 North Zone
1996-97 East Zone
1995-96 North Zone
1994-95 Central Zone
1993-94 East Zone
1992-93 East Zone
1991-92 South Zone
1990-91 West Zone
1989-90 North Zone
1988-89 North Zone
1987-88 North Zone
1986-87 North Zone
 1985-86 West Zone
 1984-85 West Zone
 1983-84 West Zone
 1982-83 West Zone
 1981-82 South Zone
 1980-81 South Zone
 1979-80 West Zone
 1978-79 South Zone
 1977-78 North Zone
 1976-77 Central Zone
 1975-76 West Zone
 1974-75 South Zone
 1973-74 South Zone