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Limba Ram Profile

Limba Ram
Limba Ram is perhaps the most famous Archer to have ever existed in the history of Indian Sports. Hailing from a poor tribal family, just by the dint of his sheer luck and determination he went on to become the most successful Indian sportsperson in his discipline, and made the nation proud with his achievements.

Early Life
He was born on the 30th of January 1972 at some place near Udaipur in Rajasthan. As he belonged to Ahari, a tribal community, Limba took up Archery naturally as he had to hunt for animals in the jungles along with his friends and colleagues. In the year 1987, the selectors of Sports Authority of India (SAI) accidentally spotted the 15 year old Limba and his friend at a selection trial. Sham Lal was the other tribal boy who became an excellent Archer afterwards, and was the first male Archer to win an Arjuna Award in the year 1989. Impressed by the boys� archery skills, the selectors initiated the boys to undergo proper training and Limba Ram proved them absolutely right in their selection by winning the Senior National Archery Championship in the same year. Also, he created a new National Record in the tournament.

International Archery
Limba Ram began his International Career soon after he entered the world of Archery, and won a Gold Medal at Beijing Asian Championship 1992 in 30 meters even, equaling the previously existing World Record in the event. Further, he participated at Barcelona Olympics 1992, and just by 1 point he missed the Bronze Medal at the event. He has represented the nation at 3 Olympic Games.

Coaching Stint
In the year 2007 Limba Ram was appointed as the Chief Archery Coach of Rajasthan, although the prejudice towards an Olympian belonging to a less popular sport like Archery can be well understood by the fact that he used to get a very small sum for the position, which was hiked after much havoc later on. In the year 2007 he was made the Field Director of Rural Sports in Rajasthan. On the 10th of January 2009, Limba Ram was announced the National Archery Coach for Commonwealth Games 2010 by the Archery Association of India.

Awards & Honors
To commemorate his extra-ordinary capabilities as an Archer and his contribution to the nation as an excellent sportsperson, Limba Ram was honored with Arjuna Award in the year 1991.