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Famous Indian Archers

Archery in India is a very ancient game, played since the heydays of rajas and maharajas. It has also a special mention in the Hindu Mythology, which has some of the established legendary names like Arjuna and Karna. Coming to the Indian subcontinent, the sport still needs to gain popularity at the national level, because its 'mighty cousins', who have wealthy authorities and councils to take care of, are prominent at the big stage, thereby grabbing the maximum attention of the media and the sports enthusiasts in the country. This major factor drives very few people to actually take archery as their profession and aspire to bring laurels to the country.

For a considerable period, whenever an international archery event beckoned, India used to look up to the inspiring Limba Ram as the lone medal hopeful. However, the emergence of a crop of talented Indian archers has considerably boosted India's chances at the world stage. With old war-horse - Limba Ram no longer at his prime, young Indian archers like Tarundeep Rai and Jayant Talukdar have taken upon themselves to lift Indian archery to new heights. Moreover, the introduction of modern and sophisticated equipments has proved to be a boon for the upliftment of the sport in India.