Read about SIDS prevention tips, how to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and avoiding crib death.

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) Prevention Tips

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS has long been a puzzle to researchers, yet, no theories or explanations have yet been found convincing enough. Doctors have not yet been able to determine whether the baby suddenly had a heart problem or just simply lost the ability to breathe. Some of the theories related to SIDS emphasize that the baby's upper airway gets blocked making the baby suffocate or the blood's composition of the baby was somehow wrong and there is a buildup of fatty acids in blood and thus, the brain of the baby stopped functioning. Others blame faulty nervous system in babies for SIDS as it fails to warn the baby and wake it up when the oxygen supply is low. It could be that SIDS babies don't have that mechanism.

Yet other theories blame a faulty immune system or the way a baby sleeps such as soft bedding in which the babies accidentally bury their face and then are unable to turn away again and get suffocated or baby being overheated and was unable to breathe because they were wrapped too tightly in blankets. SIDS has no warning signs or symptoms; so, the only way to safeguard your babies against SIDS is prevention. Here are some tips for parents of infants that will keep their babies safe: