Read about causes of SIDS, reasons for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and what causes crib death.

Causes Of SIDS

Healthy infants, in the age group of one month to one year, have been known to die quietly in their sleep, just like that. There are no warning signs, no sickness, no crying or moaning that can warn the parents of this shocking happening. This very syndrome of sudden and unexpected death has been given a specific name i.e. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). It is also known as Cot Death, in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, India and New Zealand, and Crib Death in the United States.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome offers no particular explanations for the death of an apparently healthy infant, while he/she is asleep, looking so calm and angel-like. It is regarded as one of the most common causes of death in newborns. In majority of the cases, SIDS strikes babies who are two to six months old. The syndrome is most likely to occur in the time period between twelve in the night to eight in the morning, when parents are sleeping soundly. It hardly ever happens in babies who are younger than two weeks or older than eight months.

Reasons For Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Though no definite causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome have been identified till date, it is believed that infection in the respiratory tract of the infact might be the reason behind it. Researches show that many of the babies who have died of SIDS had been treated recently for cold or other respiratory illnesses. At the same time, the seasons when Crib Deaths were found to have occurred the most were winter and early spring, when chances of respiratory infections are at their peaks.

An infant is diagnosed to have been died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome when no explanation can be found for the fatality. In other words, an infant death is believed to have occurred from SIDS, if and when, even after an autopsy; investigation of the scene and circumstances of the death; and exploration of the medical history of the infant and family, no plausible reason can be found that could have led to the loss.

Factors Contributing To SIDS