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Find out important details about West Bengal state in India through the political map of West Bengal.

West Bengal Map

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Area: 88,752 km�
Capital: Kolkata
Population: 80,221,171 (2001 census)
Climate: 38� C (summers) and 15� C (winters)
Geographical Locations: 22� 34' N latitude & 88� 22' E longitude
Topography: Varied landscapes ranging from hills, plains to plateau
Tourist Destinations: Kolkata, Victoria Memorial, Nicco Park, Zoological Gardens, Botanical Gardens

West Bengal is situated in eastern India and is bounded by Bangladesh in the east, Assam, Sikkim and Bhutan in the northeast, Orissa in the southwest and Nepal in the northwest. West Bengal has seen many empires rising and falling. The present capital city of Kolkata served as the capital of the British Empire for many years. West Bengal is known for its historical importance and vibrant culture. The best time to visit West Bengal is during winters when the weather is mild and pleasant.

The map of West Bengal has contains major details about various locations, road links, industrial areas, administrative centers etc in West Bengal. The map of West Bengal also helps you to plan your travel map in a much better way.