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Kanpur Map will help you to locate major roads and travel destinations in Kanpur.

Kanpur City Map

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Kanpur, one of the important cities of India, is situated in Uttar Pradesh. Kanpur is said to be founded by King Hindu Singh Kanpur has a long history. Kanpur was one of the major centers of the great Indian mutiny. Kanpur experiences a typical north Indian climate with hot summers and cold winters. During summer the temperature may go as high as 45oC while during winter it can dip down to 5oC. The best time to visit Kanpur is from October to April. Kanpur is located at 26o46'N latitude and 80o35'E longitude.

History and culture of Kanpur draws tourists. When you visit Kanpur make sure you visit The Kanpur Memorial Church, Jajmau, Shri Radhakrishna Temple, Jain Glass Temple, Allen Forest Zoo, Phool Bagh, Nana Rao Park, Moti Jheel, Agricultural Gardens, Green Park Stadium, etc

To make your visit to Kanpur a delight we have for you the map of Kanpur. The Kanpur map will help you to locate the various tourist places as well as give you details regarding banks, shopping centers, hotels for accommodations and other places of interests. The comprehensive map of Kanpur gives you vital information regarding important roads and lanes. Have the Kanpur map and have an exciting visit to this historic city.