Vishakhapatnam Map will help you to locate major roads and travel destinations in Vishakhapatnam/Vizag.

Vishakhapatnam City Map

Vishakhapatnam or Vizag, is the port city of Andhra Pradesh. Vishakhapatnam's history dates back to the Ashokan era till the present date. Vishakapatnam experiences a tropical climate with hot summers and cool winter. During summer the temperature hovers around 40oC while during winters it is around 18oC. Summers start from April and continue till March while winters start from November and continue till February. The best time to visit Vishakhapatnam is during winters. Vishakhapatnam is located at 18o32'N latitude and 83o15'E longitude.

When you visit Vishakhapatnam make sure you visit places like Ramakrishna Beach, Rushikonda Beach, Yarada Beach, Zoological Park, Shivaji Park, Lumbini Park, Kailash Hills, Ross Hill, Darga Konda, Borra Caves etc.

To guide you in this beautiful city we have the Vishakhapatm map for you. The Vishakhapatnam map for you. The map of Vishkhapatnam will give you each and every details of this city right from tourist places to hotels, hospitals, transport etc. The comprehensive map of Vishakhapatnam gives you vital information regarding important roads and lanes. Have the Vishakahpatnam map with you and enjoy yourself.