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Chandigarh City Map

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Chandigarh, also known as City Beautiful, because of its neatness and beautiful planning, is the capital of two Indian states namely Punjab and Haryana. When Punjab was partitioned in 1947 Chandigarh was constructed to be its capital. Similarly when Haryana came into existence Chandigarh being on the border became its capital too. Chandigarh is bounded by Punjab in north and Haryana in south. Chandigarh experiences extreme climate with maximum temperature in summer rising around 45oC while the temperature in winter can fall as low as -3oC. Summers last from March to June while winters lasting from November to February. The best time to visit Chandigarh is from August to November. Chandigarh is located at 30o44'N latitude and 76o47'E longitude.

Beautiful planning and architecture draws visitors to Chandigarh. When you visit Chandigarh make sure you visit places like Leisure valley, Rock garden, Capitol Complex, Sukhana Lake, Rose Garden, and Topiary Park etc.

To make your visit a pleasure in this beautiful city we have the map of Chandigarh for you. The Chandigarh map will not only help you to discover the major places but also other important details like hospitals, transport routes, hotels, cinemas etc. You will also get details regarding important roads, lanes in this comprehensive map of Chandigarh. Chandigarh map will make your visit to this place a worth remembering. Follow the map of Chandigarh and make your visit truly memorable.