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Cochin Map will help you to locate major roads and travel destinations in Cochin/Kochi city.

Cochin City Map

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Cochin, also known as Kochi, is located in southern India. Kochi is in the state of Kerela and is bounded by Arabian Sea in the west and from rivers originating from the Western Ghats in the east. Cochin saw many traders of Europe and Asia and saw many empires right from the Kulasekhara to the British. Cochin has warm climate with high levels of humidity. The maximum temperature in summer is around 35 to 36oC while in winter it is around 20oC.Summer lasts from March to May while winter lasts from December to February. The best time to visit Cochin is from December to February. Cochin is located at 9o58' N latitude 76o17' E longitude.

When you visit Cochin make sure to visit these places which are going to give you long lasting memories. Chinese Fishing Nets/VGama Square , Pierce Leslie Bungalow, Old Harbour House, Loafer's Corner/Princess Street,Vasco House,VOC Gate,Cherai Beach,Willingdon Island,Parikshith Thampuran Museum,Vamanamoorthy etc

So now on visiting God's own country Kerela, surly you want to visit Cochin and to make your visit delightful we have the map of Cochin. Cochin map will not only help you to visit the tourist places but also other important locations. Through Cochin map you can also get other details such as hospitals, hotels etc explore much more. The comprehensive map of Cochin gives you vital information regarding important roads and lanes. Take the Cochin map and have great fun.