India has a rich legacy of Sanskrit poetry in the form of various Sanskrit poems by famous poets.

Sanskrit Poetry

Sanskrit poetry is a vast treasure of knowledge that gives us immense information about ancient thoughts and principles. Some of the best works in ancient Sanskrit literature are in the form of Sanskrit poems. Some of the most famous and respected poets have given us the treasure of poetry in Sanskrit. These poets are synonymous with Sanskrit poetry and most poems are followed by the name of the poet. We are covering some great works of these poets in our related sections. Read on further to know more about these Sanskrit poems.

Anyone interested in the Sanskrit language is sure to know the story of Kumarasambhavam. One of the gems of Sanskrit literature, Kumarasambhava poem is one of the greatest epic poems written by the famous poet Kalidasa. Both the names go hand in hand and the poem is often called Kumarasambhavam Kalidasa.

A beautiful piece of literary treasure, the Meghadutam Kalidasa is a short poem of a little over 100 verses. The stanzas are uniform in length of four sentences each. This convenient length makes it a favorite among scholars and translators. The Meghaduta poem is a beautiful work of literary art and the descriptions given in it are so vivid that one visualizes what the poet wants to convey. The Meghadutam, literally translated means the Cloud Messenger.

India has always believed in the harmonious relation between man and forces of nature and the importance of each season has been beautifully brought into light by the great poet Kalidasa in Ritu Samhaara, a poem written by him. It can be called the "Medley of Seasons" or "Garland of Seasons". The Ritusamharam has been divided into six main chapters, each chapter describing vividly, the different seasons of India. The six seasons that have been described by Kalidasa are Summer, Spring, Monsoons, Autumn, Frost and Winters.

Raghuvamsa play is a literary magnum opus written by the famous poet Kalidasa. The play is synonymous with the creator and is often called Raghuvamsa Kalidasa. The play basically traces the roots of the great lineage of Lord Rama and his descendants and the great conqueror Raghu. Raghuvamsam basically talks about the valor and strength of the great warrior Raghu.