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Sherwani comprises the exclusive men's clothing in India. Read more about traditional Indian Sherwani.


Sherwani is an immaculately designed coat, with a close body fit, which is fastened in the front with buttons. It is supposed to be worn over a kurta and a churidar, or khara pajama or a salwar and at times, even a dhoti. A part of men's clothing in India, the traditional Sherwani happens to be an ultimate wedding and party attire. It is very akin to an Achkan, or a doublet, and is worn by gentlemen of all age-group in the country. Though Sherwani is a very popular Indian men's wear, it is said to have originated somewhere in Central Asia.

It used to be the court uniform of the nobles of Turkish and Persian origin in the Delhi Sultanate and Mughal Empire, before it got generally adopted here in the late 18th century. Sherwani was also the dress code in the court of the Nizam of Hyderabad. The word Sherwani immediately crops up the picture of India's first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, as it used to be his favorite attire. This dress style is especially popular among the North Indians, who prefer to wear it on formal occasions during winters.

Infact, it is a rule for many Indian government officials to wear a black Sherwani on state occasions. Though formal Sherwani is often single hued, the one worn for wedding and parties is usually embroidered or detailed in some way. It is one of the favorite dresses for the groom in India. Normally rich heavy fabrics are used for party purpose. There are tailors who specialize in stitching it and the cost can range from a couple of thousands to lakhs of rupees. Though various styles of readymade Sherwani are available in the market, some get them stitched by fashion designers, in which case the price is often sky high.