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Sharara choli suit's the wedding dress of Muslim brides. Read how Sharara was inducted into Indian culture by Mughals…


The Sharara is traditional dress worn by the Muslim ladies. It was introduced into the Indian culture during the Mughal rule. But now it forms one of the major traditional costumes of India. The Sharara suit consists of a long flowing skirt, a blouse or choli and a dupatta for covering the head. The distinctive feature of the Sarara dress is the skirt, which is divided. It is like a pant fitted till the knee, with a big flare from the knee onwards. There is also a long chunni to cover the head.

You can also describe the Sarara dress as being a kind of loose, trailing pajama worn by women. Usually, this dress is donned by Muslim brides at the time of their marriage and the most common color for it is red. But this attire has become very popular among the non-Muslim Indian ladies also now, who prefer wearing the dress in other varied hues. The Sharara suit can be heavily embellished when being worn for the purpose of marriage or simple in case of normal events like birthdays, parties, etc.

In the present times, the Indian Sharara dress has become hugely popular with young girls. Some of them even buy expensive designer sararas for wearing on special occasions. Shararas are available in various designs and fabrics like georgette, satin, silk, etc. Few popular designs are golden zardosi Sharara, yellow sharara, resham work sharara, crush tissue sharara, mirror work sharara et al.