A comprehensive month-by-month free horoscope and forecast related to business, finance, career and love for Libra in 2015.

Libra Horoscope 2015

Librans are always looking for balance which they will definitely achieve this year. This year will be a good one for Librans due to the favorable position of the planets in your charts. Many new and exciting things will happen which will enrich your life and make it more meaningful. You will be free of all monetary worries and will enjoy a constant flow of money from different sources. You are naturally creative and artistic and 2015 will ensure that you put your abilities to the best use. Luck will favor you, so make sure that you work hard to achieve your goals which will definitely be yours by the end of this year. You will become more sociable and interested in your surroundings. This is the year when you will make a lot of new close friends.

Romance: The second half of the year is favorable for new relationships and you might get engaged or married to your soul mate. You will make good friends this year who will help you in your life. Don�t let distrust come between you and your partner.

Career: Jupiter, the most powerful planet, will be in your tenth house at the beginning of the year. This means you will be successful in your professional life and will achieve fruitful results.

January brings peace and harmony in familial life for the Librans. Professionally too this will be a good time. Those who are working can expect to get a promotion or a great new job, and those involved in business might start a new venture. You might face some financial issues, but other than that, your life will be good and you will make considerable progress. There is a good chance of purchasing a house or land.

This will be a very good time for those in business and you will find success through your hard work. Expenses will increase this month, so be careful not to let them spiral out of control. Your enemies will try to harm you, but rest assured as you will overcome them successfully. Love relationships will blossom and will lead to marriage.

Librans are advised to be careful in the month of March as some powerful enemies are plotting against you. But don�t worry, as you will surpass them with your intelligence and strategic abilities. Married people may have some problems with spouse and children. Those involved in politics may get ready to receive a big boost in their career. You will get the heartfelt support of your seniors.

April You will be happy and optimistic this month! If you are single and looking for love, this is the time to meet new people and form relations. Any property issues that are pending in court will be sorted out in your favor. Materialistically this is great time for you and charts indicate that you might purchase a new vehicle. You will get support from your friends, especially females though you might have problems with your family members.

The planetary positions in your charts indicate an increase in income. You will feel more courageous than before and will gain respect in the society. The time looks favorable for job promotions and business developments. Your father will support you wholeheartedly and you will get some benefits from the government sector. There are chances of a long distance journey.

Expect to get lucky in government related matters this month. Charts indicate that you will gain much respect and acclaim in June. However, your family life may not be very happy as domestic quarrels with your partner might arise. Your hard work will get appreciation and an auspicious event is waiting to happen this month. Your enemies will realize your strengths and will not trouble you.

This will be a lucky period for you and you will be filled with confidence and optimism. Librans are naturally creative and your creativity will receive a new boost in July. Some auspicious event may happen at home. This is a good time for journeys and your travels will bring fruitful results. New relationships will be formed which will be rich and meaningful. Take care of your skin as there is a risk of skin allergies.

The level of courage you possess will increase manifold in this month. You will enjoy good relations with your relatives and will receive support from your siblings. If you have any previously unresolved disputes with your siblings it will be sorted out. The time is auspicious for you and you might purchase a new house or land. You family life will be happy and prosperous.

Librans will acquire mental strength and conviction this month which will enable you to successfully fend off your enemies. This month will see you in the best of your health and your financial position will also register a boost. This is especially a lucky time for those appearing in competitive exams. Work hard and success will surely be yours! You will receive some windfall income which you may use to purchase a house.

The charts indicate that you will undertake long journeys in October. Financially this will be a good time and you will earn money from more than one source. Overall this is a great time for you, but it is best to stay away from property disputes for now. Your friends and acquaintances will support you though you may have differences with your father. You are advised to keep your temper under control.

Librans seek balance, and the month of November will find you balancing the different aspects of your life. You will experience an improvement in yourself and will grow as a person. You are likely to expand your social circle and make new friends. Your health will be perfect and any health problems you have been suffering lately will come to an end.

You will gain much happiness from materialistic pursuits in December. Librans are advised to maintain a calm mind and keep their tempers under control. Harsh words will give rise to unnecessary arguments which you should avoid in any eventuality. You will enjoy harmonious family relations and will get support from friends, especially females.