The personality traits of an Aries child/baby have been mentioned here. Read on to explore characteristics profile of Aries children.

Aries Child

Aries child has to have all your attention at any cost. As far as he is concerned, he is the boss and you have no right to ignore him. As he starts growing, his attention gaining tactics become more and more refined. From just wailing and crying, he will come to banging the table with his kiddie spoon, when you don't listen to him. Subtlety is not one of the personality traits of Aries children. They will shout at the top of their voice to let you know what exactly do they want. This trait will be there in both the male as well as the female Aries child.

He is quite eager about everything, right from walking to talking. He will probably start doing both much before the other children. If you want him to learn discipline, it is better to start teaching him the moment you get discharged from the hospital. He is not the one to learn from his mistakes, so better keep all the sockets in your house covered and all the knives out of his reach. An Aries baby is very affectionate and this feeling will be demonstrated quite often. He will give you a warm bear hug every now and then and kiss you good night everyday.

Showing authority will make him stubborn. Show him respect if you want him to understand something. He has a quick temper, but it seldom lasts long. After he has cooled down, he will be his usual cheerful self again. Aries child is not at all selfish and will easily share his most favorite toys with everyone. However, make sure that the other children are not nasty to him. Otherwise, the generosity will come to an end and it will be time for fireworks. If you want him to do anything, don't give him comparisons; just challenge him.

He will do the work even before you have the time to repeat it again. Once an Aries child learns something, he will remember it throughout his life. He is very creative and has a vivid imagination. He will dream the most impossible dreams, but will be ground to reality. A bit confusing, isn't it? Practicality mixed with dreams! However, this is what an Aries baby is - an odd combination of contradictory things. He has to be the first one to do anything and will always want to lead.

Beneath the tough outer shell of an Aries child is his soft heart, which is vulnerable. He is scared of being unloved and needs a constant reassurance from you. Many a times, he will rush into your arms after being hurt by the real world. Hug him tightly and mend his broken heart. Otherwise, he will get completely shattered. Miracles, fairy godmothers, Santa Claus and angels are something in which all the Aries children believe. However, don't be the one to tell them that they are wrong.

An Aries child is impatient and you may have to hide that surprise birthday gift in the bank locker. He is not too good with finances, but he will give his last dollar to the handicapped man in old age home. He cannot tolerate injustice or call a wrong person right. Giving him orders won't get anything done. It's better to ask him the same with a smile; he will go running to do your chore. An Aries child loves his freedom; so don't expect him to part with it. He is very optimistic; negative and distressing thoughts can really hurt him deeply.

Being responsible is not one of the qualities of an Aries child's characteristics profile. You will have to teach him that, through logic and affection. Praise makes him do the correct things more often. If you want him to be out of trouble, make sure that he is not sitting idle. 'An empty mind is devil's workshop' suits perfectly in case of an Aries baby. At the same time, ensure that he gets enough rest to replenish his energy. Love him, nurture him and lead him gently and an Aries child will dream the impossible dreams and make them come true also!