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Indian astrology is made up of twelve astrological zodiac signs. Read on to know about the zodiacal signs & symbols in Indian astrology.

Indian Astrology Signs

Sign/Rashi Symbol Element Basic Quality English Name
Mesha Ram Tejas (Fire) Cara Aries
Vrishabha Bull Prithivi (Earth) Sthira Taurus
Mithuna A Pair Vayu (Air) Dvisvabhava Gemini
Karka Crab Jal (Water) Cara Cancer
Singha Lion Tejas (Fire) Sthira Leo
Kanya Girl Prithivi (Earth) Dvisvabhava Virgo
Tula Balance Vayu (Air) Cara Libra
Vrashchik Scorpion Jal (Water) Sthira Scorpio
Dhanus Bow Tejas (Fire) Dvisvabhava Sagittarius
Makara Sea-Goat Prithivi (Earth) Cara Capricorn
Kumbha Pitcher Vayu (Air) Sthira Aquarius
Matsya Fish Jal (Water) Dvisvabhava Pisces

An imaginary belt or band of constellations, the sidereal zodiac of the Indian astrology is of 360 degrees and stands divided into twelve equal parts. Each of the twelve parts, made of 30 deg, is known as an astrological sign or rashi. The twelve zodiacal signs in Indian astrology, along with their symbols and western names, are:

Basic Qualities

Cara (Cardinal)
The personality traits reflected by Cara quality are vigor, dynamism, energy and leadership quality.

Sthira (Fixed)
The personality traits reflected by Sthira quality are determination, power, steadiness, faithfulness, confidence, flexibility and stubbornness.

Dvisvabhava (Mutable)
The personality traits reflected by Dvisvabhava quality are adaptability, innocence, kind nature, eloquence, originality, inconsistency, vacillation and recklessness.