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The personality traits of a Gemini child/baby have been mentioned here. Read on to explore characteristics profile of Gemini children.

Gemini Child

Having a Gemini child is like being in the roller coaster ride all the time. You will always be on you toes, trying to catch up with him. The moment he starts walking, you better put your jogging shoes on. However, don't ever try to confine him to a single place like a playpen. It will make him totally miserable. His characteristics profile makes him an explorer, a seeker. Restricting him too much may hamper his emotional development. Gemini children belong to the air sign and just like air; they have to be constantly on the move.

Patience is not one of their personality traits, they find it difficult to remain steady for a long time and have the habit of doing more than one things at a time. They may become slower with age, but will remain fidgety nonetheless. As per the characteristics profile of a Gemini baby, he is extremely friendly, active, curious and intelligent. He has a dual personality and it is better to accept it. However, the doubling will be there in case of talents also. He has a way with words and can easily play with alphabets. He also loves conversing with others and sharing his knowledge with them.

A Gemini child is quite humorous and has a sharp witty side. For him, fantasy and reality have been blended together and he lives in both the worlds. He may exaggerate the truth a bit, but it will be completely harmless and done with the aim of presenting a more colorful situation. However, don't reprimand him for this. Rather, ask him to pen down his imagination, but always speak the truth. Never ever try to stop a Gemini child from expressing himself or communicating with others.

Otherwise, he may withdraw into an illusionary world in self-defense. Punctuality and Gemini are two entirely opposite terms. He will always be running into someone or something on the said time, because of which he will get late. He will hardly listen to something without interrupting, mostly because he has already guessed the rest of the story. However, more often than not, he himself will repeat what he has already said. Geminis have a very short span of concentration and tend to get distracted very easily.

Telephone is something without which no Gemini can survive, whether he is an adult or a child. At times, it seems that he was born with a phone in each hand. This is because he cannot live without conversing with people. He changes his mind too often and is always on his way to somewhere. Every other day, he might change his plans about future also. But then he is adorable, isn't he? Remember, even when you have a single child who's a Gemini, with his dual nature, he will compensate for the other one too.