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Famous Indian Boxers

Barring a few accomplishments here and there, Indian boxers have not been able to put up a consistent performance at the international stage. This has resulted in decreasing popularity of boxing in India. Even though Cuban coaches have been roped in to spruce up their skills and physical fitness, Indian boxers have falter against quality opposition. However, there has been the odd bright spot in midst of the gloom. Dingko Singh, Hawa Singh and Mohd Ali Qamar are among the outstanding boxers India has ever produced. All the three have excelled in the sports and have brought laurels to the country.

Hawa Singh dominated the national championships, by winning title for eleven years on a row, from 1961-1972. Dingko Singh shot into fame at a very early age, when he won the sub-junior national boxing title in 1989, when he was eleven years old. He made the country proud by winning a gold medal at the Bangkok Asian Games in 1998. Qamar created history in Indian boxing, by becoming the first Indian boxer to win a Commonwealth gold medal at the Manchester Games. While Dingko Singh's Asian Games gold medal reminded one of the heroics of the legendary Indian boxer Hawa Singh, Ali Qamar's triumph has inspired the youngsters to don the boxing gloves for the country.

Hawa Singh
Hawa Singh was an Indian boxer belonging to the Heavyweight category, and was very famous for dominating the Asian Boxing scene in his category for over a decade during his peek performance.

Dingko Singh
Ngangim Dingko Singh, usually known as Dingko Singh is an Indian Boxer, and considered to be one of the most outstanding boxers the nation has ever produced. He is well known for having grabbed a Gold Medal in the boxing event at the Bangkok Asian Games 1998.

Md. Ali Qamar
Mohammed Ali Qamar is an Indian Boxer hailing from Kolkata, and is famous for being the first Indian Boxer ever to have won a Gold Medal in the Boxing event of the Commonwealth Games.