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Famous Indian Billiards Players

Despite Billiards not being one of the most popular games in India, it is interesting to know that the county has been home to a horde of prodigious billiards players who have enthralled the audience with their artistry and genius. This is the reason why now after more than 80 years of the introduction of this game in the country, it has slowly started receiving a mass attention. Even the Billiards and Snooker Federation of India, the central body for the development of cue sports in the country have now started taking immense interest in popularizing the sports at the ground level in the country. The bunch of world-beaters of billiards like Wilson Jones, Geet Sethi and Pankaj Advani have brought the nation to its feet by winning a plethora of crowns in the international stage. Read on to explore more about the famous billiards player in the country.

Wilson Jones'
Wilson Jones' victory in the World Amateur Billiards Championship in 1958 gave India its first world champion in any sport. He won the National Billiards Championship 12 times and the World Billiards Championship twice in his lifetime.

Michael Ferreira
Michael Ferreira, also known as �Bombay Tiger�, was born in Mumbai on October 1, 1938. He won the world Billiards champion four times. Ferreira was able to fill the void created by Jones's departure in the Indian Billiard arena.

Ashok Shandilya
Ashok Shandilya is an ace billiard player of India. An employee of Central Railway, he is popularly remembered for wining double gold medal at Asian Games held in Bangkok in December 1998.

Geet Sethi
Geet Sethi is undoubtedly one of the most famous Indian billiard players. In his glorious career, Sethi has won an astounding eight world billiards titles and is widely regarded as one of the best the game has ever seen.

Pankaj Advani
The latest addition to a long list of talented Indian billiards players is the prodigious Pankaj Advani. Advani has shot into limelight by becoming the first player to win both the point�s format and the time format titles in the World Billiards Championship in 2005. His feat will surely inspire young Indian billiard players to make a mark at the world stage.