Know about cavity control in toddlers, preventing decay in baby teeth and tips to prevent tooth decay in children.

Cavity Control in Toddlers

In modern society, especially in America, tooth decay incidents have left even common cold and influenza behind as most infectious disease in children. Most kindergarten students suffer from contagious condition of baby teeth and most common reason behind is lack of information or negligent parenting style. Many times, moms or caregivers who prefer close contact pass oral bacteria to children unknowingly and/or put the baby to bed with the bottle. Inadequate fluoride in baby's diet may also cause decay in baby teeth.

Primary or baby teeth are temporary but they are important for chewing and speaking and hurt awfully, if they have cavities in them. They also hold space in jaw for permanent teeth and cavities that reach their roots may increase the risk of decay in permanent teeth. Here are some tips for cavity control and to prevent tooth decay in children: