Learn about using Sunscreen in infants, read tips to apply sunscreen to babies and protecting baby from sun.

Using Sunscreen In Infants

Covering an infant's exposed body parts with sunscreen, when talking him/her outdoors, is a subject that has been subject to different views by people. Till sometime back, it was suggested to completely abstain from using it on infants less than six months of age. However, the opinion is now changing a bit. If your baby is under six months of age, it is advisable to use sunscreen only on the small areas of his/her body. In majority of the cases, the face and the back of the hands are the body parts that require the use of sunscreen in infants. In case of other areas, it is best to cover them with adequate clothing. In case of babies older than six months, you can use it a bit more liberally. In case of babies, make sure to use a sunscreen with an SPF between 20 and 30.

Applying Sunscreen
Some Tips
If your baby ends up rubbing sunscreen into her eyes, it is advisable to wipe his/her eyes and hands clean, with the help of a damp cloth. In case his/her eyes starts watering, become red or he/she tries to touch them time and again, it might be that his/her eyes are burning. In this case, wash his/her face immediately, even splashing some water in his/her eyes. Next time, try a different brand of sunscreen, preferably one with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide.

Do Not Overuse
There are mainly two reasons, because of which you should make sure not to apply too much sunscreen in young babies. They are: