Here is a list of some easy to cook low calorie low fat vegetarian food recipes. Check out healthy Indian vegetarian dishes.

Healthy Indian Vegetarian Dishes

A well-thought menu of plant-based food makes for healthy vegetarian diet. Any diet, which is constituted of plants, must contain fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts and seeds. A vegetarian diet is usually rich in fiber, and has less fat and cholesterol. However, to get the best out of a vegetarian diet, it must be thought out carefully, so that it is nutrition-rich and, at the same, taste-buds friendly too.

A vegetarian diet has a slew of recipes, which fit in both these parameters. So, in fact, the diet has enough for body and tongue. You just have to ensure that you have to cook the food in proper way. And for that, you could take our assistance. We would apprise you, in this section, about a range of vegetarian recipes, discussing how to prepare these in the best possible way.

So just go through our this section, and ensure that you prepare the best vegetarian food for yourselves and your family. Make sure that the food you make is nutritious, and, at the same time, appetite enhancer too.

Dal Makhani Recipe
Dal makhani recipe is one among the many popular Indian food recipes that find a special place for themselves in almost every home. As far as the nutritional value of dal makhaani recepie is concerned, it contains about 176 calories, 10.2-gram proteins, 21.1 grams carbohydrates and 1.9-gram fats.

Kashmiri Dum Aloo Recipe
Kashmiri dum aloo recipe is among the top hot cooking recipes and the reason that can be attributed to this fact is that, not only it is extremely delicious, but also contains low fat, thus it serves as an excellent choice for people who are very conscious about their figure.

Red Rajma with Soya Nuggets
When it comes to cooking for vegetarians, it is the red rajma with soya nuggets recipe that makes the top score. It makes a very nutritious dish, as it does an excellent blending of kidney beans and protein rich soya nuggets.