Here are some low fat low calorie soup recipes/recepies. Check out receipes for healthy soups.

Healthy Soup Recipes

Soup, is a pleasant food that is made by combining ingredients like meat, vegetables and beans in stock or hot/boiling water. Traditionally, soups are classified into, clear soups and thick soups. In our chaotic modern urban lives, we have forgotten so many excellent traditional techniques for making highly nutritious and delicious foods, soup, being one of them. Soup is surely the queen of foods. Soup fortifies the body, soothes sore throats, clears clogged airways, fights off colds, and builds strong bones. It nourishes and comforts the body.

In the present scenario, the recipies for healthy soups have reached the top hot list of cookery shows. There are innumerable types of healthy soup recipes that act as fabulous sources for the intake of green leafy veggies and other beneficial food products like soy. These days' when kids are not interested in eating green vegetables, these nutritious soups acts as a major substitute in providing the essential nutrients that the body requires. Apart from just being delicious, it provides concentrated nutrition in a bowl, what more do you need.

Here is a list of low fat low calorie soup recepies: