There is a need for proper nutrition during pregnancy. Read about healthy pregnancy nutrition.

Nutrition During Pregnancy

There is a need for proper nutrition during pregnancy, as the mother's nutritional status will affect the development of the baby. It is during the time of pregnancy, when various changes take place in the expectant mother's body, which are not just anatomical, but also physiological in nature. It is a very crucial time and it becomes all the more necessary for the mother to take care of herself and there arises a need for consuming healthy pregnancy nutrition. Read further to explore information about nutrition during pregnancy…

Some of the changes that take place in the expectant mother and demand the need to make nutritional adjustments are:
Foods to Avoid During Pregnancy
Eating a well-balanced diet is necessary to maintain good health. However, it becomes even more important for a pregnant woman to eat healthy because her diet is the only source of nutrition for the developing fetus. It is recommended that expectant mothers eat a balanced diet consisting of all the essential vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins and carbohydrates.

Nutrition During Lactation
The nutrition needs of a nursing mother are much more, because the kind of nutrition she consumes, will determine the quantity and quality of milk produced post-pregnancy. The food that the mother consumes not just fulfills her nutritional requirements, but also the nutritional requirements of the baby. A nursing mother produces 23 to 27 ounces of milk per day and thus, there arises a need to consume 500 extra calories per day.