Lifeline Express is actually a mobile hospital of India. Read more about Jeevan Rekha Express.

Lifeline Express

Lifeline Express is an exceptional train with a unique concept of hospital on wheels in India. One of the notable trains of India, Lifeline Express is also known as Jeevan Rekha Express. This mobile hospital is managed by the Impact India Foundation. There are two trains that serve the purpose of Lifeline Express. Each train has especially designed air-conditioned coaches, one surgical operation theatre along with three operating tables, a sterilizing room, numerous patient wards, on-board power generators, pantry car, storeroom for medical provisions and lodging for medical staff.

Lifeline Express Train visits different remote parts of the country that lack medical facilities. Apart from such places, the train also moves to areas knocked by natural disasters or calamities. It lingers in each place for quite a few days whilst medical care (routine together with major surgery) is offered to the natives. After analyzing efforts of Lifeline Express, Indian Railways is planning to provide five new coaches to Impact India foundation designed for the latest and enhanced Jeevan Rekha Express.

Earlier, there had been only one operation theatre in the train. According to the plans, the operation theatres would be twofold in the potential trains. Started on 16 July 1991, Lifeline Express initially had three coaches that were donated by Indian Railways. The equipments were subsidized by Impact India, which is a Non-Profit Organization serving seven countries throughout the world. Impact India Foundation still runs the coaches with aid from corporate and confidential donors, not forgetting Indian Railways.