Himsagar Express is a train that runs for the longest time and distance in India. Know more about Himsagar Express Train.

Himsagar Express

The Himsagar Express is no less than a lively achievement of the Indian Railways. The applause lies in the fact that it is the train running on the longest route of India. Beginning from Jammu Tawi Railway Station, Himsagar Express heads for Kanyakumari Railway Station exploring the tracks in conjunction with bridges, watercourses, forests, hidden areas and stations on its way. It runs from the farthest northern point to the extreme southern point of India.

The etymology of 'Himsagar' tells that the term 'Him' suggests the grand Himalayas in the north and 'Sagar' depicts the colossal Indian Ocean in the south of India. The merger of two terms 'Him' and 'Sagar' defined 'Himsagar' representing the path from snow-cloaked Kashmir to the congregation of three oceans at Kanyakumari. Himsagar Express takes around 75 hours to reach its destination, covering a distance of 3751 kms.

Himsagar Express moves through nine states of India including Kerala, Maharashtra, Delhi, Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir. Taking halts at 77 stations, this legendary train runs on weekly basis from both Jammu Tawi and Kanyakumari. The train is serving the 4 railway zones incorporating Southern Railways, South Central Railways, Central Railways and Northern Railways of India.