This article comprises information on PNR number of Indian Railway. Check out what is PNR / Passenger Name Record.

Indian Railway PNR

PNR is an important number that is written on the top left corner of an Indian Rail Ticket. The abbreviation PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. Actually, PNR is a travel record of a person or a group of persons in the database of Computer Reservation System (CRS). In practical terms, PNR has five parts that are essential in order to get a booking done. The five parts or requisites of PNR number are as follows.
After the completion of requirements, the CRS issues a unique alpha-numeric record locator that remains same in spite of any extra changes made. One can check the PNR Status of their ticket anytime either online or through mobile phone SMS. All you need to do is just enter the 10-digit IRCTC train ticket PNR number in the search form, which will return the current PNR status instantly. For checking the PNR through mobile phone, you have to type PNR followed by space and the 10-digit PNR and then send it to 139.