Given here are the classes of accommodation in Indian Railways. Check out rail way accommodation in India.

Indian Railway Accommodation

Indian Railway renders several classes of accommodation in the trains of India. The accommodation class ranges from the luxurious Air-conditioned 1st class, Air conditioned 2-Tier sleeper, Air-conditioned Chair Cars to First class, Sleeper Class and 2nd class accommodation for sitting. Most of the Mail/ Express trains entailing night journeys comprise sleeper class and second class accommodation. The sleeping berths are obtainable between 21:00 hrs IST and 06:00 hrs IST.

Classes of Accommodation
Each standard passenger train has numerous coaches of different classes. However, it is not specific that all classes would be linked with a train. Given here is a list depicting the accommodation classes in operation.
The rearmost part of the train comprises a special compartment, which is known as the guard's cabin. This cabin is equipped with a transceiver and from here; the guard confers the all clear signal sooner then the departure of train. A standard passenger train encompasses four general compartments, two in the front and two in the rear; out of them, one is meant for only ladies. The correct number of general accommodation fluctuates as per the requirements and route. One luggage compartment could also join at the front or the rear. Some trains also embrace a separate mail compartment. A pantry car is normally attached in the middle for long-distance trains.