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Find information on Gemini 2012 horoscope forecast & love horoscope for Gemini in 2012.

Gemini 2012

Hindi Name: Mithun
Date of Birth: 22nd May to 21st June
Ruling Planet: Buddha
Nakshatras: Mrigshira, Aadra, Punarvasu
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3, 5, 6
Lucky Days: Wednesday, Friday
Lucky Colours: Green, White, Yellow
Lucky Stones: Emerald, Onyx, Sapphire

The sun enters Gemini from May 22 to June 21 every year. This is the first air sign of the zodiac and also the first sign of communication and music. Gemini individuals are basically known for their dual nature. They usually behave younger than their chronological age and are regarded as prince of the zodiac.

General Forecast Gemini 2012
People falling under this sun sign will have good news on almost all fronts. You will have boosted energy levels and an increased efficiency in every aspect of work. Luck will favour you whichever path you choose. All in all, it can be said you have the power to turn sand to gold by just touching it! The stars advise you to trust your inner instincts, without being overconfident. If can conquer this characteristic then you will definitely cherish the good times. The first half of the year may be upsetting on the health facet but it will improve during the course of the year. Those expecting a change in job will be happy to find it. Love life will consist of ups and downs; caution and effort is required, in this case.

Even if things don't pan out according to your desires, it is important to remain cheerful. Learn not to take any disappointments of your private life to heart as you need to adapt yourself to changing relationships and situations. Maintain a low profile to harmonize within a domestic environment. Be careful of what you say especially in the months of March, April and May as your words tend to invite confrontations. Those who are eligible for marriage may hear of suitable proposals of their choice and there is likelihood of acceptance.

With work load from the previous year, it may be a tough start but time is a good healer and it will bring surprises and luck. Those in the armed forces may be rejected when it comes to short term leaves. Geminis looking at government jobs may find the private sector lucrative. IT professionals are suggested to maintain their focus and stick to their current fields. Those planning on initiating a new business can start viewing the prospects, starting May. Avoid partnerships in business, especially in the related to import and export.
L'ucky Number: 3
Lucky Colour: Saffron
Lucky Months: May, June & October

Your gestures will be reciprocated and this will help you remain upbeat with people around you. Praise for good work on the professional or academic front is in the pipeline. Expect your relationships to go to the next level. Socially, organizing a party or a get-together may burden you. PR and sales professionals should not look for a change in role and must postpone this idea to a later date.
Lucky Number: 4
Lucky Colour: Blue

Efforts for a home project will be required. During February, some Geminis may undergo a phase of self-doubt professionally. Others may appear competent at work, which is not the case. You will also be willing take some positive steps to restore your low self-esteem. There is a good chance that you will catch the attention of someone you secretly love.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Colour: Lavender

You will need to consult an expert/ knowledgeable friend before you venture into anything. Financially, you will be a winner all the way! Businessmen are likely to accumulate wealth as several opportunities come their way. Some Geminis are likely to buy a new vehicle. Those appearing for interviews should preferably wear shades of blue.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Colour: Mauve

Work pressures can hinder enjoyment at home so it is advisable to delegate tasks and lighten your workload. A busy schedule may keep you from meeting a lover but you will find time to make up for it. Those Geminis who are married need to plan an outing with their spouse in order to keep the domestic environment happy and content. If you are not paying enough attention to matters of concern then there will be consequences. You should play your cards according to the situation at work.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Slate Grey

A misunderstanding will be eliminated, if you explain things clearly. Some of you may survey property and contact dealers, this month. You may find yourself doing household chores alone. A lover may stand you up but he/she will patch up towards the latter half of the year. Health remains satisfactory. Creating a good impression, owing to your dedication at work, will take you up the corporate ladder.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Colour: Black

Appreciation from those in your social circle is likely to give you a high throughout the year. A function may be organized by some wealthy Geminis. Your eagerness and never-say-die spirit can make you a frontrunner in the corporate rat race. Those who are planning to switch jobs are advised to postpone this to the next month. Loved ones may pretend to be demanding. Health of a spouse may ask for a reschedule of long journeys.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Maroon

After the sweat and toil during the first few months, Geminis will finally emerge victorious on an academic or professional front. Setting examples for others to follow will be your main focus at work. A property dispute is likely to be resolved amicably. A big shopping spree with close friends is on the cards! Your bank balance may skyrocket due to a certain inheritance coming your way. On the health aspect, extra kilos can be lost if you join dance classes or the gym.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Colour: White

You are likely to become popular on the social front and take centre stage among a gathering. Your romantic feelings are likely to be reciprocated by the one you love. You enjoy good health and may pursue a certain target faithfully. August brings good news to most Geminis. It is also a time when people return your favours. It is suggested not to be too rigid in accepting them. Those who are planning on buying health equipment can get good bargains.
Lucky Number: 6
Lucky Colour: Lemon

You will take steps in improving your work environment. Subordinates may seek your guidance at work. The financial front looks good as your income stabilizes during this period. Some of you may contribute money to charity. Guests are likely to brighten your homes. Those who are in love will see a strengthening of their romantic relationship. Wedding bells might ring for eligible bachelors. You may be asked to travel for official purposes on short notice, during mid-September.
Lucky Number: 8
Lucky Colour: Turquoise

You need to speak directly if you want to get things done. Friendliness at work will put you in the good books of the boss. October is a good time for those who wish to travel abroad, especially to visit relatives. Students may receive offer letters from universities of their choice. Buying a new house is possible for some Geminis.
Lucky Number: 9
Lucky Colour: Yellow

Stars are likely to favour you in winning over a professional rival, owing to your eloquence. Changes on the domestic front may not be according to your wishes. It is recommended not to be too critical about other people's opinions and learn to accept it. Connect with those who share similar viewpoints in order to strengthen your decisions.
Lucky Number: 7
Lucky Colour: Slate Grey

There is a likelihood of a total breakdown of communication with the spouse, mostly over a domestic issue. You will be expected to invest extra time at work. The success you receive will motivate you to perform better. Health and finances remain satisfactory. Your efforts during the course of the year will help you grow professionally at a rapid rate. Children need to be tackled diplomatically.
Lucky Number: 5
Lucky Colour: Green

Lots of energy, luck, and positivity are on the cards! Trust your inner instincts and you’ll easily conquer the downfalls of health and love as predicted in the horoscope for Gemini 2012.