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Here is some information about low impact aerobics exercise.

Low-Impact Aerobics

In today's world, a significant number of people are suffering from chronic ailments like obesity, diabetes, high blood cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and other diseases that deteriorate their physical fitness. It will be unkind to suggest them to do high intensity workout, because they either would end up injuring themselves seriously, or would be unable to gain full benefits of such exercise. If you are facing the same situation, and want to stay in perfect shape, opting for low-impact aerobics is suggested. Read on to know more about low-impact aerobic exercise.

Low-Impact Aerobic Exercise
Low-impact aerobic exercise typically consists of rhythmic movements involving large muscle groups. In this exercise, at least one foot is in constant contact with the floor, which makes it easy to do without putting much strain on the tissues. There is no scope of overuse injuries, which is primarily associated with high-impact exercises, while doing low-impact aerobics. Hence, low-impact aerobics are perfectly suitable for pregnant women, obese people and seniors. It is equally suitable for those, who want haven't exercised for sometime and want to follow a fitness regimen.

Some of the best low-impact aerobic exercises are walking, swimming and workout on stationary bikes. As far as walking is concerned, you may start with a slow paced walking, to warm up your body. Do this for five minutes. Walk at a medium pace, for the next ten minutes, followed by brisk walking. It is suggested to do this exercise for about 30 minutes a day. You may walk either in the morning or in evening. Make sure that you wear comfortable pair of shoes. Remember to move your arms in the back and forth action, while walking.

Swimming, another low-impact aerobics, is best suitable for overweight people, who might have problem stressing the joints and knees. Start with swimming for about 15 minutes. You may increase the duration for the exercise up to 30 minutes thereafter. Another low-impact aerobic workout is water-walking. It is as effective as swimming. You can also opt for stationary bike exercise. Be sure not to bend your knees beyond a 90-degree angle, while sitting on a stationary bike, if you have problem in stressing the body part. A recumbent bike is the best bet.

Low-impact aerobics are perfect for those people who want to flaunt a toned shape. The intensity and duration of the workout can be increased gradually, with time. By doing the exercise on a regular basis, you can attain the much- desired physical fitness. To utilize its effectiveness completely, you should be guided by a well-trained physical trainer. Following a healthy and balanced diet is another pre-requisite for doing low-impact workout. Avoid eating junk food and cut short the consumption of sugary, fried and fatty food. Make sure that your diet consists of food rich in vitamins, minerals and protein, apart from other nutrients. It will be better to consult a dietician about the diet best suitable for your health.