Check information on daily calorie needs of an adult male and female.

Daily Calorie Requirements of An Adult

In modern times, people are becoming very calorie conscious. Calories are a must for the body, as they are generate energy. But as it is said that an excess of anything is bad and the same applies to the intake of calories too. If there is an excess of calories in our body, it gets stored in the form of fats, thus making us overweight. Adult calorie requirements differ from that of a child and in the same way, the daily calorie requirement of an athlete would differ from that of a person who does not have a very active routine. Thus, the calorie intake requirement differs from person to person, depending upon several factors like age, body composition and level of physical activity and many more. The general recommendation as far as the calorie intake is concerned, is that men need about 2700 calories per day and women require about 2000 calories per day. But these recommendations are based on the average body structure of adults, who perform their usual day-to-day activities and do not follow a vigorous workout. To learn more interesting facts about adult calorie requirements, scroll down and continue to read.

Daily Calorie Needs
Refer to the chart given below to learn more about the daily calorie requirements according to different age groups.

Age Groups Daily Calorie Needs: Male Daily Calorie Needs: Female
19-59 2550 1940
60-74 2350 1900
75 & above 2100 1810

Calories refer to the amount of energy that the foods we consume contain. In order to maintain an ideal weight it is important to consume the recommended amount of calories every day. The amount of calories that a person needs is directly proportional to the amount of physical activity carried out. In general, children and teenagers need more calories as they are active and their bodies are still in the process of development. An average man should consume about 2500 calories per day, while a woman should consume around 1950-2000 calories per day. Senior citizens will need lesser calories as they do not have much of strenuous physical activity.

Calorie Intake Requirement

It is suggested by dieticians that your calorie intake should be such that 50 to 60% of the total calorie intake is contributed by carbohydrates, 20% by proteins and 15 to 20% should come from fat. It is advisable for expectant mothers to consume 300 extra calories per day, whereas lactating mothers require about 550 calories, which will gradually decrease to around 400 calories per day, as the child begins to grow. Even though calories are vital for the body, it is equally important to burn the extra calories through an active fitness workout.

How Much Calories?
The daily calorie intake of an adult depends on various factors including, sex, age, metabolism, activity level and body size and weight. To get an approximate value of the number of calories you need daily multiply your weight by 15. To learn more about the factors influencing calorie needs, read these useful tips.
It is important to have a balanced diet comprising of the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals that add up to suit the daily calorie requirement in the long run. It is not recommended to consume lesser calories as it puts the body on starvation mode and your body does not have enough energy to function normally. As a result the body’s metabolism slows down and to meet the energy requirements of the body, the muscle becomes a source of energy. This also causes a feeling of tiredness and lack of energy. People battling weight issues should be very cautious and avoid a very low calorie diet as it can prove fatal, causing heart rhythm disturbances and other health problems.