Jet Airways Konnect is a low cost airline division of Jet Airways in India. Read the article to know a brief profile and history of Jet Konnect.

Jet Airways Konnect

Jet Airways Konnect is a low cost airline that serves as a division of Jet Airways, a leading private carrier in India. The air service was launched on May 8, 2009 and has the same airline designation as Jet Airways. It is headquartered in Mumbai and its primary hub is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. On the other hand, Indira Gandhi International Airport and Chennai International Airport serve as the secondary hubs of the airline. Jet Konnect has a fleet consisting of six ATR 72-500s and two Boeing 737-800s. The flight numbers for Konnect are in the series 9W 2000-2999.

The reason behind the launch of Jet Konnect was to make use of spare aircrafts from Jet Airways' routes, which were discontinued by the parent company due to the low passenger load factors. Jet Konnect was started with the aim of diverting the flights to more profitable routes, with higher passenger load factors. The other low cost airline operated by Jet Airways is JetLite. Jet Airways decided to launch a new airline instead of expanding the existing one, to avoid the regulatory delays that would have been caused by moving excess aircraft and assets from Jet Airways to JetLite, since they have different operator codes.

Destinations Covered
The following 17 routes are covered by Jet Konnect:
Flyer Program & Onboard Facilities
The frequent flyer program of Jet Airways Konnect is same as that of Jet Airways, known as JetPrivilege. It provides the members with all the benefits, with the exception of lounge access (across all tiers). In terms of meals and other refreshments on-board Jet Konnect, the flyers have the option of selecting and buying them from the in-flight a-la-carte menu. It offers a selection of vegetarian and non-vegetarian Combo meals, apart from sandwiches, brownies, cookies and hot and cold beverages like tea, coffee and fruit juices.

Last Updated on 1st August, 2009