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Read on to know more about commercial property insurance in India

Commercial Property Insurance

As companies grow larger and expand their business, they need to safeguard their business against potential contingencies, such as burglary, fire accident, and many other causes that lead to the damage of their materialistic wealth. To serve the purpose, a number of insurance companies have come up with policy covers that could impress any business person. The insurance companies provide commercial insurance to a number of businesses ranging from large MNCs to small shops. The scope of commercial business insurance extends to the building as well as the contents inside the office. Protection is also offered for loss of income due to business interruption and losses caused by fraud or dishonesty committed by any salaried employee.

Commercial property insurance policy offers protection to commercial establishments against a myriad of risks and perils. Burglary insurance policy provides coverage for the contents of business premises, in case of burglary. Shopkeeper's insurance policy has proved beneficial for people owning small and medium sized shops. In all the three commercial property insurance policies offered by the insurance companies in India, there exist some clauses and exclusions, which need to be considered before opting for any of them. In this section, we have provided detailed description on the three common types of commercial property insurance policies.

Burglary Insurance
With the increase in materialistic wealth and booming economy, the chances of burglary in business premises are also increasing. To counteract the situation and protect the hard earned wealth of the businesspersons, many insurance companies have come up with attractive insurance plans that promise to provide cover against the rise of loss or damage in the business premises, due to burglary.

Office Umbrella Policy
Office Umbrella Policy is a comprehensive insurance policy that offers protection to business enterprises against different kinds of risks and contingencies. It is a single insurance policy, which is suitable for large MNC-owned offices, as well as small and medium sized offices such as travel agencies. Professionals including chartered accountants, architects, engineers or any other service provider can also acquire benefit from office umbrella policy.

Shopkeepers Insurance
A number of insurance companies in India have come up with attractive insurance policies for people owning small or medium-sized shops. Known as 'shopkeeper's insurance policy', it covers all the risks and contingencies faced by small or medium sized shop owners.