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Read on to know more about office umbrella insurance in India

Office Umbrella Policy

Office Umbrella Policy is a comprehensive insurance policy that offers protection to business enterprises against different kinds of risks and contingencies. It is a single insurance policy, which is suitable for large MNC-owned offices, as well as small and medium sized offices such as travel agencies. Professionals including chartered accountants, architects, engineers or any other service provider can also acquire benefit from office umbrella policy. Being a package policy, the office umbrella insurance provides total coverage of all risks that are common to office environment and does away with the need to take different policies. Go through the following lines to know all about office umbrella policy prevalent in India.

Office Umbrella Insurance

Under the following 12 sections of the Office Umbrella insurance policy, all assets and liabilities of a modern office environment can be insured.
Other Clauses Of Office Umbrella Insurance Policy