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Here are some tips on freestyle stroke swimming. Read about freestyle swimming technique.

Freestyle Swimming Technique

Competitive swimmers, who have obtained mastery over swimming strokes, can go for freestyle swimming. The activity is of high intensity. The swimmer has to start off fast, giving his body a hard jerk. One has to swim in right manner to be effective. One has to adopt suitable freestyle technique in accordance with the conditions to be effective.

Role of Shoulder Girdle
The shoulder girdle works as a base for the movement of the arms. Its main function is to counterbalance and facilitate movements in the shoulder joint. The girdle is formed by the scapulae (shoulder blades) and clavicles (collar bones). The scapulae is connected to the trunk by muscles only. Light and very mobile, the girdle has to be employed delicately and effectively.

Role of Arm Motion
Shoulder is a tri-axial joint capable of multiple motions like flexion, extension, abduction, adduction, internal rotation and external rotation. This joint has the greatest range of movement of any joint in the body. Therefore, the arm can move freely in all directions and rotate around its own axis with mobility.